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Belram - When Connections Matter !

- Audio connectors and cables

- Video connectors and cables

- Power connectors, cables and power distribution boxes

- Data & networking connectors & cables

- Optical Fiber cables and interconnect solutions

- DVI & HDMI equipment and adapters

- Measuring equipment for sound and fiber optic testing

- Cable drums, custom assemblies, various accessories

- Patch panels, modular display control panels,..

Main distributed brands:

Neutrik, Belden, Sommer Cable, Schill, Harting, Syntax, NTi Audio, EXFO,

PureLink, BTX, Ceep, PCE, Titanex, Optronics, Whirlwind, Keraf, Nichiban

Main product categories:

XLR, BNC, opticalCON, speakON, powerCON, etherCON, jacks, plugs, triax,

copper and fiber multi cables, coax cables, heatshrink tube, LC, ST, sound

meters, patch panels, cable drums, display control panels

We supply:

UHD BNC for 4K and 8K

With the transition to 4K or even 8K-signals the impedance of BNC connectors became more important than ever. Neutrik’s answer to this trend is a BNC innovation: the rearTWIST UHD BNC

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NEW Neutrik’s UHD BNC Connectors

To meet the increasing market demands of higher bandwidth links even in harsh environ-ments Neutrik launches a new product series – the ruggedized CAT6A connector range. These connectors and chassis are component compliant as well as PoE+ compliant.

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Neutrik etherCON CAT6A Connectors

Touring CAT6A Connector

Belden 10GX Shielded Cable System

10Gbit Cabling Solutions

Belden’s shielded Class EA (Cat6A) system offers superior performance, outstanding re-liability and effective noise immunity in the most deman-ding installation  environ-ments.

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Rugged Fiber Optic System

Neutrik opticalCON Range

The opticalCON line continues to grow in response to our users’ requirements. Our very successful X-TREME cable and the new ARMORED cable, available for both opticalCON DUO and optical-CON QUAD, provide most possible reliability. A combined opticalCON/power-CON cable provides both multi-channel fiber and power. A series of supplementary opticalCON products eases system integration and helps assure flawless operation

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